Like to read an e-book

As you know, there are many reading materials (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc ...) and thanks to them, the books are available to download in less than 5 minutes on the reading terminal.

Why deprive such ease !

Do you know that e-books prices are generally 20% to 50% cheaper than printed books, and that many e-books quality are free, which is impossible with paper book.

You do not need space to store your books because you can keep your books in your device and you can store thousands of ebooks on a single terminal.

You can look anywhere to buy the book you are looking for and you do not need to move in a particular store or bookstore, and e-books are still available for backorder does not exist.

And if you have a doubt about the choice of your book, you can consult a free excerpt from the book and make up your mind before buying.

The electronic device or Smartphone is now lighter than a printed book and takes up much less space in your bag and you can leave when you want to read, whether on the train, waiting room on a park bench ....

Other advantages are taken into account :

You can magnify the letters for better readability.

You can mark the page where you stopped reading or where you want to read.

You can add annotations and even ask the definition of a word that you are unfamiliar with.

Many sites selling e-books, which expands your choice of books. A book purchased is forever because even if you change your device you will find it again.

In addition, the device has a backlit screen, so that you do not need to turn on the light to read and you can also font size of text.

Recently, it is possible to integrate sound, video, and 3D animations in your e-book.

The e-book can contain links. No need to retype a hyperlink on your address bar link, just click on one of the displayed pages e-book link. It is also easy to backup to multiple locations and on multiple media e-book.

Compared to the classical form what the book on paper, digital book presents for people with disabilities, a much better accessibility advantage. The digital book can indeed be restored on a device suitable to the disability, for example Braille display or sound reproduction. There are specific standards of digital books for people prevented from reading printed materials blind, visually impaired, dyslexic (having trouble turning the pages of a book ...).

You can subscribe to magazines, newspapers or download comics, then why deprive a device that offers so many possibilities !

And if you are, yourself, a writer, you can publish your works on e-book to be read and recognized. It is a safe and effective way and at lower cost.

Finally, there is also ecological argument: by purchasing an ebook rather than a book contributes to the reduction of CO ² in saving energy and reducing deforestation, waste etc ...